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2018-11-18 18:58:08

Introduction of Grass Green Group


Grass Green Group is an innovative start-up business platform launched by Mr. Liu Yonghao, Board Chairman of New Hope Group, with his partners, Mr. Wang Hang and Mr. Xi Gang. Since its establishment on 6th July, 2015, Grass Green Group is on the strategical mission to change New Hope Group from B to B market to B to C market. The initial investment reaches one billion RMB while over ten billion RMB will be added in the next few years.

Our business includes global buyouts, early investments and operating management. Under the circumstances of consumption upgrading, we apply ourselves to merging great growth companies within highly concentrated stage of industry cycle. And we present us as industrial investors holding for long. By conducting strategic management, operation improvement, collaborative creation as well as e-commerce operation, we get to achieve global resources successfully, and build up our leading position in the whole industry.
The interested investment field that our Grass Green Group concentrated on covers dairy, high quality health food, community service terminal, cold chain logistics, health care, cross-border e-commerce etc. Taking methods including industrial M&A, PE investment, also early hatching, Grass Green Group commits to uphold the philosophy of gathering global premium resources, as well as integrate overseas strategic resources of New Hope Group. We finally delicate to achieve the goal of Healthy China, Convenient Life, participated in and promoted the process of China's industrial upgrading.
Grass Green Group also paid efforts in new talent cultivation mechanism. The pattern of Talent IPO attracts elites from the world as business partners. Resources and platform are provided for those entrepreneurs full of ability and dreams.
We currently have more than 8000 employees, and companies that we have invested in or hosted exceeds 20. By the end of 2015, Grass Green Group had achieved revenue of 5.2 billion within 8 months after establishment, and is expected to reach at least 2 times growth in 2016.